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LIMITED ATTENDANCE: 7 attendees by application only
LIMITED ATTENDANCE: 7 attendees by application only
7 lucky women & one 3-day Weekend!
The Soul Sister MastermindTM is an exclusive and luxurious weekend business mastermind uniquely designed for seven qualifying, powerful women who are interested taking their lives to the next level while collaborating with depth and authenticity.

Vanessa Simpkins of Take Your Power Back Now!TM offers this luxurious and relaxing experience of “fun in the sun” meets “business building” infused with awakening on hyper drive in the middle of an extraordinary settings. Soul Sister MastermindsTM are offered in Laguna Beach, California and Kauai, Hawaii.

The Soul Sister MastermindTM weekend is about getting the clarity that your business needs to take it to the next level and connecting directly with a seven-figure coach who has written bestselling books, been on national television, really walks the talk, runs online systems, makes a $100,000 in sales PER MONTH, has lived in Hawaii and has run her business in her bikini. It’s a weekend of collaboration, a sisterhood and relaxation with an emphasis on getting things done.


7 attendees by application only.

Day One

Friday Evening

Beautiful Views, New Friends & Powerful Intentions
On the evening of the first day #SoulSisters meet for dinner and drinks and set intentions to get ready for the weekend. We meet usually at three or four p.m. in the afternoon, at a beautiful location. It’s the bar, it’s called El Camino Hotel or El Camino Rooftop Terrace, Laguna Beach. It’s a beautiful terrace. It’s gorgeous views. People fly in from all over the world. We meet there.


Saturday Morning

Wealth & Abundance in Luxury
On the second day, Saturday, #SoulSisters get into the state of wealth and abundances by launching the first mastermind session at the Montage, a five-star luxurious resort in Laguna Beach, CA. Lunch oftens happens across the street at the Starfish and #SoulSisters are able to have a break and utilize their free time to make deeper connections without heavy facilitation.


Saturday Afternoon

Personal Branding Photo shoots for each guest

Engage in a photographic exchange with internationally published photographer, Ashley Strong. She combines her passion and love of life along with her photographic knowledge to bring to life dynamic portraits for use in marketing materials. As part of your Soul Sister MastermindTM experience, you will have an opportunity for a 30 minute photographic session to dive into creating portraits that allow you to ultimately express your unique branding because part of getting PAID like a 6 figure coach is LOOKING the part. We make sure you stand out with stunning shots for your online marketing so you get noticed like the rockstar that you are! 

Superstar photographer arrives and everybody has a private photo shoot with her on the grounds or on the beach while we continue our masterminding, chill out by the pool and ask Vanessa more questions OR have fun with your new SOUL SISTERS™ as you prepare for your luxury photo shoot! 

You will get online downloadable, full rights access those pictures about two weeks later. You can do whatever you want with them: use them on your website, use them for marketing, promotional materials, flyers, you name it.  We’ve got you covered! 


Saturday Evening


After a full on day of clarity, masterminding and photoshoots (what woman doesn’t LOVE to have fun girl time and celebrate LOOKING fabulous captured on camera!) we head out for dinner at a delicious restaurant on the grounds or across the street at the Starfish. This is when bonds and DEEP, deep friendships are made, solidified and celebrated over drinks and have some really soulful laughs!

Just because you are out for dinner does not mean the masterminding stops! Tammy got her “AH HA” moment to write her first book during one of these dinners and the next morning was put in touch with my writing coach and “VOILA”, six months later she published her very first book. This is a HUGE accomplishment, both personally and professionally. And, having a book has increased her fees to whole new level as a coach and has done extraordinary things for her visibility.

One idea, implemented, can totally and radically transform your business. This is what I LOVE most about the mastermind – the ORGANIC way ideas pop in, INNER shifts take root and MAGIC blossoms. Amazing things happen when women gather!



Morning Mastermind with Afternoon Poolside Collaboration

Beginning with more masterminding, each woman requests a late check out so everyone stays for lunch business briefing. After lunch, collaboration and wrap-up happens pool site and solidifies the feeling of wealth and luxury within the group so that each woman is prepared to go home and step into their enhanced identity.

This is an intimate setting of no more than seven women at a time, so everybody gets tons of opportunity to talk with Vanessa directly and other women also get to take a look at their business and see what’s going well and what’s the next step for them.

Vanessa serves each #SoulSister with her authentic and raw experience from eight years of being a successful coach. She is very clear to everyone about what it really takes. Mindset work, sales scripts and open ended opportunities to ask Vanessa questions bring out the highs and the lows that women face.

The sacred experience of being together in #SoulSister community creates a place for the connection and collaboration to go deep, quickly. That’s really the beauty of it, is that people get to connect 1:1 with Vanessa, have her look over their websites or address whatever it is that needs attention in their lives. Vanessa helps and shares with each woman. So, and they can also take a peek over my shoulders at what a million dollar plus business, coaching business really looks like. That’s the benefit of it. So it’s really about up-leveling their business in a fun way.

Women are so busy, especially women entrepreneurs. They have kids, they have a life, they have a business. They never get time to take away and they never have time for themselves, so this is really about meeting women in community and collaboration, is non-competition, fun, beauty and elegance.

you know, “Wow.” Really to be and feel in the state of, “This is what my business would be like,” and, of course everything is energy, so it’s that’s much quicker for you to assume that in your real life and bring it about.

It’s a really fun experience. It’s relaxing and nurturing. It’s growth on hyper drive with clarity, power and action. This Business Building meets “Fun in the Sun” is where things really happen and businesses are birthed and grown. There is beauty, nature, sunshine and of course, lots of time to be in bikini. Oh, and one last thing … don’t forget to bring more than one bikini!

Soul Sister MastermindTM Dates


Late 2020


Montage Hotel, Laguna Beach
3 Full days
LIMITED ATTENDANCE: 7 attendees by application only
LIMITED ATTENDANCE: 7 attendees by application only


 April 30 to May 3, 2020

Location TBC – Hanalei, Kauai

3 1/2 Full days


7 attendees by application only.
Are You Ready for Some Fun in the Sun Masterminding?
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